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Includes an enhanced component.Young, aggro, and from Los Angeles–it’s tempting to put Incubus in the already crowded category populated by Korn, System of a Down, and their other loud and heavy brethren. But that would sell Incubus short, because Make Yourself, the quintet’s sophomore album, is a strong progression beyond their 1997 debut, S.C.I.E.N.C.E.. More like Faith No More than Limp Bizkit, Incubus still have that teen-mosh appeal, though the songwriting and instrumentation on Make Yourself is diverse and thoughtful, both lyrically and musically. ”Drive” is an easygoing, slightly trippy acoustic-based outing, while oddball scratching (courtesy of DJ Chris Kilmore) and trip-hop funkiness make ”Battlestar Scralatchtica” aptly titled. ”Nowhere Fast” is vaguely 311-ish with a reggae tinge and lovely melodic interludes, in contrast to the furious intensity of ”Out from Under,” which gives Make Yourself a surprisingly cohesive diversity that’s hard to categorize. Ultimately, singer Brandon Boyd is not a vocal genius, but lyrically and in performance, he’s sensitive, charismatic, and unique. Ditto for the 13 cuts that make up Make Yourself. –Katherine Turman

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  • I could say that this is the record of the year, I could say that this is my favorite CD (which it is), but that wouldn’t be giving it justice. I am in absolute awe of this music. This is like nothing I have ever heard before; it’s a culmination of a wide spectrum of genres: funk, rock, electronic, trance and metal. But each sound does not overshadow one another; Incubus masterfully crafts each of them into songs like “Make Yourself”, “Privilege” and “Battlestar Scratchalactica”. Not only is the music flawless, the lyrics are intelligent, provocative and splendidly written, especially on the albums two gems: “Drive” and “The Warmth”. The intensity of these songs is overwhelming, and they stir up powerful emotions. The first time I heard “Drive” I was blown away, and it gets better with each listen. This is poetry with music set to it. Brandon Boyd delivers each song with emotion and passion, and neither the vocals nor music out shadow each other. “Make Yourself” has quickly become my favorite piece of music I own, and I would urge anyone to buy it. This album will change the way you listen to music, and it will make you be thankful that bands like Incubus are around to provide us with music to stir the soul. This isn’t music to listen to. This is music to experience.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • oh please yalls- I loved SCIENCE and my favorite band is tool- but just because incubus add sum more melodies and slow down a bit doesnt make them automatic sellouts- its refreshing coz im getting sick of the monotonous heavy 3 chord bands like limp bizkit and such. yu have to listen to this album with an open mind- i think the vocals and lyrics are really well done- ok ya- i miss you is a bit cheesy but it has a good sound- -this is one of those CDs you can listen to all the way through without skipping over stuff- i love all the songs- battlestar is an awesome d&b track that rocks- i love incubus for their unique sound and all the diversity they incorporate in their music- this cd will appeal to incubus fans and attract newer listeners as well- give them a break people- just because theyre trying new stuff doesnt make them sellouts- and if they get some radio play outta this- good for them

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Though endlessly compared to the vocal stylings of Mike Patton (Faith No More), Incubus stands firmly on its own and gets 5 stars for their originality, intensity, and sincerity. These guys are great live and refuse to be seen/heard anywhere without giving it %110. Unlike thoughtless puppet bands run by a “giant green head” whose sheep masses will one day wake up and put them in check like Dorothy did the OZ, incubus’ roaring yet growing whisper is something genuine and fresh to look forward to. With honest intimate tracks like “Drive,” “Make Yourself,” “The Warmth”, “I Miss You,” the diversity of “Pardon Me,” “Nowhere Fast,” and “Stellar”, Make Yourself comes out to be a well-rounded album both lyrically and musically. Fans of previous material can expect a little from thier S.C.I.E.N.C.E days, but Make Yourself forces old fans to grow with a band that is still exploring and introduces the new to an eclectic style. Though sounding more “studio-produced” than previous albums, it only adds to the quality of the music, never diminishing or shadowing but capturing the raw energy that has sustained them and will continue to seperate them from other bands for years to come

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Let me get this down first: Incubus is the most unique band I’ve ever heard. Their music has all sorts of influences from funk to metal. Out of all the albums they have made, this one is the best. The music is higher-quality, it isn’t as sloppy as S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was. (Though SCIENCE is a great album too) The songs are much more mellow and softer than their older albums- some people might not like this, but I like change. My favorite songs are: “Privilege”- Awesome guitar work, this song is pretty heavy.”Nowhere Fast”- This song is slow then gets fast in parts. Brandon sings really well in this song.”Stellar”- Ahh. This song is relaxing. It’s quite beautiful. It’s one of their softest songs.”Clean”- Another nice, heavy song.”Pardon Me”- Their hit single. If you haven’t heard it then you must be hiding under a rock or something.The rest of the songs are fantastic but these are my favorites. Please note that there is a new DJ for this album and frankly I like him more than the old one. Also, there is one instrumental track, “Battlestar Scralatchtica.” Personal Note to Incubus: Keep up the fantastic work, and I can’t wait for your next album. I’m sure it will be amazing. I hope you guys last for a long time cause you’re in a class of your own.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The beauty of high school and college is that you get exposed to new ideas. Music is one of the most powerful mediums to get those ideas. Unfortunately we often are subjected to lyricists with no depth who, simply because they have a microphone and a guitar, fancy themselves as the second coming of Bob Dylan. Now that I am approaching my mid-30’s with a family, though the style of music I enjoy hasn’t changed, the content of it has. I remember hearing Pardon Me and thinking the song was OK. The next step was to Stellar which I thought was a very well written, well produced song. Still I wasn’t taken enough to purcase the disc. When “Morning View” came out, I was totally absorbed in Wish You Were Here, so “Morning View” became my first Incubus spin. After reading many reviews about the “selling out” of the band or the “softening” of the band, also many criticisms of the lyrical content, on the new disc and how much better this disc and “Science” were, I felt the need to give in and start my Incubus collection.I can understand where the sentiment came from. “Make Yourself” comes across as more of an anti-establishment album. A majority of the songs seem to present themselves as anthems for “making yourself” in light of all the “establishments” around us in either a direct or non-direct way. The music also, not suprisingly, is a bit harder. Though it is hard to spin a disc for the kids with f-bombs popping up periodically, the lyrics that are presented are sincere and very worthy of attention. The best part is that it does not come across as some “fight the power” soap box preaching. There is a sense of responsibility of the individual within the songs: not some request to rise up without any real direction as to why. And a special note, Battlestar is a great song: perfect for summer or a party. If you are new to Incubus via “Morning View”, this disc is a must. There was a review for View that mentioned you could see Incubus evolving through what they are musically putting out. I can honestly say I can see it. I look forward to my next Incubus purchase to hear where they came from. I also look forward to seeing them when they come to Jacksonville. I only wish my son were old enough to go with me. ENJOY INCUBUS.

    Posted on December 22, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now