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Make Yourself

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  • The beauty of high school and college is that you get exposed to new ideas. Music is one of the most powerful mediums to get those ideas. Unfortunately we often are subjected to lyricists with no depth who, simply because they have a microphone and a guitar, fancy themselves as the second coming of Bob Dylan. Now that I am approaching my mid-30’s with a family, though the style of music I enjoy hasn’t changed, the content of it has. I remember hearing Pardon Me and thinking the song was OK. The next step was to Stellar which I thought was a very well written, well produced song. Still I wasn’t taken enough to purcase the disc. When “Morning View” came out, I was totally absorbed in Wish You Were Here, so “Morning View” became my first Incubus spin. After reading many reviews about the “selling out” of the band or the “softening” of the band, also many criticisms of the lyrical content, on the new disc and how much better this disc and “Science” were, I felt the need to give in and start my Incubus collection.I can understand where the sentiment came from. “Make Yourself” comes across as more of an anti-establishment album. A majority of the songs seem to present themselves as anthems for “making yourself” in light of all the “establishments” around us in either a direct or non-direct way. The music also, not suprisingly, is a bit harder. Though it is hard to spin a disc for the kids with f-bombs popping up periodically, the lyrics that are presented are sincere and very worthy of attention. The best part is that it does not come across as some “fight the power” soap box preaching. There is a sense of responsibility of the individual within the songs: not some request to rise up without any real direction as to why. And a special note, Battlestar is a great song: perfect for summer or a party. If you are new to Incubus via “Morning View”, this disc is a must. There was a review for View that mentioned you could see Incubus evolving through what they are musically putting out. I can honestly say I can see it. I look forward to my next Incubus purchase to hear where they came from. I also look forward to seeing them when they come to Jacksonville. I only wish my son were old enough to go with me. ENJOY INCUBUS.

    Posted on December 22, 2009