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Make Yourself

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  • I could say that this is the record of the year, I could say that this is my favorite CD (which it is), but that wouldn’t be giving it justice. I am in absolute awe of this music. This is like nothing I have ever heard before; it’s a culmination of a wide spectrum of genres: funk, rock, electronic, trance and metal. But each sound does not overshadow one another; Incubus masterfully crafts each of them into songs like “Make Yourself”, “Privilege” and “Battlestar Scratchalactica”. Not only is the music flawless, the lyrics are intelligent, provocative and splendidly written, especially on the albums two gems: “Drive” and “The Warmth”. The intensity of these songs is overwhelming, and they stir up powerful emotions. The first time I heard “Drive” I was blown away, and it gets better with each listen. This is poetry with music set to it. Brandon Boyd delivers each song with emotion and passion, and neither the vocals nor music out shadow each other. “Make Yourself” has quickly become my favorite piece of music I own, and I would urge anyone to buy it. This album will change the way you listen to music, and it will make you be thankful that bands like Incubus are around to provide us with music to stir the soul. This isn’t music to listen to. This is music to experience.

    Posted on December 22, 2009