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Manic Impressions

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  • do you like exotic guitar riffs and changes? this album is for you. extremely heavy, manic impressions is some of the best work by anacrusis. it’s unfortunate that they are no longer together. all you need to hear is the opening for “paint a picture”, and “something real”, which is the heaviest love song that i’ve ever heard. by far, it is the greatest song too on this album. kenn nardy’s vocals are twisted between whispers and pain filled screams. after hearing the talent of the twin guitar power of kevin heidbredder and kenn nardy, it’ll make you wonder how metallica got so big on such garbage after anything after” in justice for all” came out. true talent, such a shame they only released four albums. their previous album “reason” is another must have if you honestly want to hear a great band that was never given any chance to succeed.

    Posted on December 27, 2009