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March or Die

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  • ‘March or Die’ is, simply put, a brilliant album. Motorhead has been so consistant and so friggin’ good for so many years now…they may very well be the greatest heavy metal band of all time (settle down, Zeppelin and Sabbath fans, I’m about to explain myself…). What sets Motorhead apart from most metal bands are two qualities: the tight, take-no-prisoners-hellraiser-on-wheels assault of the playing and, most of all, Lemmy’s songwriting. Scan the lyric sheet here and see Lemmy take on — quite brilliantly, I might add — TV evangelists in ‘Bad Religion’, politicians who create wars and abuse the environment in the title track, and the power balladeers by writing one called ‘I Ain’t No Nice Guy’, making it an acoustic duet with Ozzy guesting on vocals, and giving it a melody that will stick in your head for days on end. Add a smokin’ touch of boogie-woogie piano here and there and guitar-and-bass solos that will rip your tonsils out and make your heart thump, and what you have is one unbeatable band. Anyone who thinks that ‘March Or Die’ is Motorhead’s commercial sell-out album just hasn’t been listening close enough. Every band should sell-out like this !! They hold the legacy of the Ramones and Sex Pistols’ attack dear to their hearts while staying true to the purest expression of heavy metal form around. We should feel blessed that they are still around making one wonderful album after another, and that we are still able to catch them live. Born to Lose, Live to Win — indeed !!

    Posted on January 27, 2010