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March or Die

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  • With the exception of the opener, “Stand”, There is not a dull moment in this CD. The favorites of mine are Jack the Ripper, Name in Vain, Too Good to Be True, Hellraiser, Asylum Choir and Bad Religion. I’ll start with the absolute favorite one of mine, Name in Vain. This song is very fast-paced with KILLER and I mean KILLER, smack you across the face, heart-stopping guitar work. It’s loud, it’s mean, it’s fast as hell, what more could you want from Motorhead??!! Not fast as in speed metal fast, but fast nonetheless. Lemmy SHOUTS out the lyrics at you so that you bloody well know not to..”take his name in vain!” Inbetween Lemmy’s fierce singing, there is some fast, vicious guitar work that only builds and builds as the song goes on and the second solo will blow your mind!!- Too Good To Be true is a love song, but a hard, fast and upbeat Motorhead styled love song where Lemmy does some incredible harmony singing!! I’ve worn this song out so much in my tape deck it’s sick!! Jack the Ripper is a frantic, fast-paced track about Lemmy warning people about Jack the Ripper’s legacy. And there’s a part in the song where Lemmy slows down the pace and gives some chilling lyrics to creep you out and then build you back up to the quick, frantic pace again. Two slower, yet very dirty, greasy Motorhead tracks on the album are Bad Religion and Hellraiser, for when you feel like slowing it down a bit. They both contain the trademark dirty, graesy heavy bass and lemmy’s growling that we’ve all loved for over 20 years.

    Posted on January 28, 2010