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March or Die

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  • I don’t know what other people are talking about but this is quite simply an awesome album from start to finish. It has more of a bluesy-hard rock quality to it but it works flawlessly here. There was not a single moment that I was bored listening to this juggernaut. I guess most people wanted something along the lines of “Overkill” or “Ace of Spades,” cuz this doesn’t sound like those albums.March Or Die is all about catchy riffs and pure frenetic ENERGY! It also features some of Lemmy’s best lyrics to date. “Stand” is a fast & fun opener, while “Cat Scratch Fever” is essentially a bass-driven rehash that is still pretty cool. “Bad Religion” is the best track by far, an awesome rollercoaster of speed, blues, thrash and deep bass combined into one awesome song. Ozzy joins the boys for “I Ain’t No Nice Guy,” another excellent track. “Hellraiser” is a classic, just listen to the bass attack throughout the song. “Too Good to Be True” is a catchy tune and “Name In Vain” is something you’d want to drink whisky and shoot pool to. The other tracks (including the self-titled) are pretty good filler, but all in all March Or Die is one of Motorhead’s most diverse and rocking albums.

    Posted on January 28, 2010