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Master of Reality

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  • The Sabs third album is no doubt their sludgiest and heaviest. It’s supersonic and powerful, thick, almost leaden riffs display a terrific raw energy. More complete than the band’s second recording, Paranoid, which seems to have significant holes in composition; Master is a masterful collection of songs made only more incredibly by Tony Iommi’s superb guitar and Ozzy’s fantastic, almost demonlike voice. Real hard rock classics like the kickin’ opener “Sweet Leaf” and the anthemesque “Children of the Grave” are followed all the way through the album with “Lord of this World” and “Into the Void”. The hard rock sonic bliss doesn’t stop, you get your fix all the way through. Together with these songs, you get “Embryo”,a strange 30 second instrumental which I have always seen as an intro to “Children..” another instrumental,the acoustic “Orchid”, which balances, but does seem a bit shallow, placed just to fill. You also get a slow, doomy song in “Solitude” and a bit christianity bias on “After Forever”. The writing is superb, the songs are hard driving and they sure don’t get old. All in all, one of the Sab’s best and most interesting, not to mention consistent collections of songs. BUY IT!

    Posted on December 28, 2009