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Maximum Violence

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  • I don’t think the band could’ve picked a better name for this album, as you get all-out “maximum violence” in both the lyrics and the music. Even without vocals, you’d be able to tell that this music isn’t for preppy little Linkin Park fans; it’s just a slow, ultra-heavy assault of metal that death metalheads will adore. The riffs aren’t fast, and the playing is quite simple, but the effect created is much more damning in sound than, say, Cannibal Corpse (Barnes’ old band). The vocals rule, and while the lyrics aren’t the best in death metal, they get a (sadistic) point across. All three covers are good, particularly “War Machine” (I know someone who used that song in a prayer service at my old high school! That was quite funny). The original songs, however, are not to be forgotten; the two I enjoy the most are “This Graveyard Earth” and everyone’s favorite, “Bonesaw.” So, now that you’re feeling violent, go get this album.

    Posted on January 29, 2010