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Maximum Violence

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  • Once again, Chris Barnes and company deliver. “Maximum Violence” is a free-for-all slaughterhouse of gut-wrenching lyrics and eardrum-assaulting riffs. However, if you are looking for the Obituary sound, this album may dissappoint, as West, their former guitarist from Obituary, has departed. Filling his shoes is newcomer Steve Swanson. This guitar sound, as well as Barnes’ vocal style, is very reminiscent of the Cannibal Corpse days, along with faster beats, less continous rythym. Any fan of the death metal genre will enjoy this without a doubt. If you want a clear definition of good, old-school style death, look no further than Six Feet Under. Tracks I would reccommend are “Feasting On the Blood of the Insane,” “Bonesaw,” and “War Machine” (yes, a KISS song!). Also, if you are lucky enough to get the bonus tracks “Wrathchild” (an Iron Maiden cover) and “Jailbreak” (a Thin Lizzy cover), check them out…they are a great shoutout to the greats of metal…

    Posted on January 29, 2010