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Me and You

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  • While there are some great songs on this album, which should be in any VAST fan’s collection, they are all contained in the Generica I-V releases and the Generica double CD. I, along with many other fans are disappointed for two reasons. First, is this release directly contradicts an earlier statement by Jon Crosby (VAST founder/songwriter/sometimes only member):

    “I’m a wandering minstrel. These downloads and recordings will be compiled with my pseudo photo-journalistic ruminations on touring in 2008. If I don’t die it will all come together to form some kind of art piece in 2008-2009. These songs will not show up on any VAST albums so I am releasing it as Jon Crosby.”

    And secondly because while these songs are (apparently) from new masters, they aren’t substantially re-interpreted for this release.

    I would recommend this album for any VAST fan who doesn’t already have the Generica material.

    Posted on January 8, 2010