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Mechanical Resonance

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  • I’m so excited in writing this review, more than twenty years after I did buy this album. I’m excited in writing the review for Mechanical Resonance, MECHANICAL RESONANCE, which to me is like a picture from my youth, a smell from my youth, … it is like having again the taste of the first kiss I had in my life. MECHANICAL RESONANCE GUYS!!!!! I remember quite clearly those days, when this album came out. Instead I can’t remember how many times I have listened to this one. A billion maybe! It is the soundtrack of my teen age years! This album is just one of those albums that sign a time. It is simply perfect, one note after the other, one riff after the other, one song after the other, nothing is out of place here. This album is perfection in this style. Few albums in this style we love, rock, hard rock, metal, hair metal whatever you may call this, can match this perfection. But Mechanical Resonance is up there with the best of them in the very first positions. It was a shot in the dark to me! I will never forget the first listenings! I remember quite well I immediatly thought … Wow this is unbelievable! Mechanical Resonance, yes, is perfect. It is the “Kind of blue” of rock ‘n’ roll, modern hard rock I might call this. Rock with chops, more chops than the Zep or Aerosmith. It was rock ‘n’ roll in the era of guitar heroes when the competition in guitar was very high. The guys from Tesla won that contest through a kind of Van Halen guitar style taking back to the simple and no frills rock’n’ roll. This is the album to have from those years. From any era if you want a rock album that will shake your walls and delight your ears. It will never sound dated because it is simple and sophisticated, hard and tender, anthemic and brilliant. It has that special quality of the things that you know from the very first time you listen to them, that will last. It is a perfect example of what rock should be about. No frills, great chops, great energy, simple but catchy songwriting, extremely clever arrangements, and that special sense of modernity that will never fade away in a thousand years from now. There are wonderful ballads like We’re no good together, phenomenal country rock songs like Little Suzi, incredible rock anthems like Ez come Ez go, or Comin atcha live, Cover Queen. I mean. It is perfect. It is FOR SURE one of the albums I love the most FROM ANY ERA. Neither Tesla ever reached this level. Some people say The great radio controversy is better. I don’t agree. “Radio” is a good album, but Mechanical Resonance is PERFECTION. Everything is perfect in this album, even the cover which exactly speaks for the music. A shot of fire, the warmth of the tubes, an electric meltdown that was going to shake the world. And it did!!!!! Lights and thunder guys, close your eyes and listen here it is one the best rock albums ever made, MECHANICAL RESONANCE!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on March 14, 2010