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Mechanical Resonance

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  • Yes, I was a hair metal 13-yr-old headbanger when this baby came out. But only this album makes me proud of that fact. While my friends were busy watching Ricky Rachman (or however you spell that idiot’s name) helplessly hoping to regain their souls, I was busy losing my hearing on the only album that really mattered. If I have any Ratt or Cinderella or Dokken left in my collection, it’s only there for comfort and reminiscence. This CD on the other hand finds it’s way into a player at least once every couple of months. Like anything of quality, it’s stood the test of time. It sounds as relevant today as it did back then. Maybe even more so, considering their lack of popularity when this was first released.

    The Great Radio Controversy may have brought Tesla the limelight. It may even have more depth and breadth than this. But nothing has the prowess, consistency, and, well, the guts that this album displays. Great, down to earth lyrics, blistering guitar work X2, awesome use of modern musical technology, and an uncanny confidence and muscle about it that only Mick Jagger or Jimmy Page should be able to flex. How can this possibly be the sound of a band’s first album? It’s simply insane.

    For those of you who only know the “Love Song” or “Signs” Tesla, slap some Depends on before you listen to this album. If memory serves, this release hangs in history somewhere between ‘1984′ and ‘Appetite for Destruction’. It’s the perfect spot for it. If any comparison’s can be attached to Mechanical Resonance, it would be a mix between those two albums. But take that and make it harder, slicker and somehow more raw. This is an essential album for any rocker. It’s joining me on my way to work tomorrow, and the way home I’m sure. That’s its only flaw: if I pop it in my CD player, I may not listen to anything else for a week or more. But the absence of diversity is more than worth it.

    Posted on March 14, 2010