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Mechanical Resonance

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  • Tesla’s first long play effort (Mechanical Resonance) is still my favorite Tesla album,even after some 20+ years and 13 albums/CD’s later.

    With hair bands dominating the scene for a good portion of the 80’s,Tesla’s MR was a breath of hard rock fresh air,when it came out in 1986.No spandex or VO5 for these guys…they always prided themselves as being a “hard rock,guitar and drum band”.

    The album spawned a couple of minor hits;Little Suzi,Modern Day Cowboy and I distinctly remember hearing “Rock Me To The Top” on the radio,many times.The first two songs;EZ Come EZ Go and Cumin’ Atcha Live are just balls out,big sounding hard rock tunes,with a van Halen sounding,”Eruption” type solo in “Cumin’ Atcha Live”.

    The rest of the songs are all quality,as well.Out of the twelve songs on this CD,there’s only one ballad;”We’re No Good Together”,so no “keep the suits happy” filler here,just straight ahead hard rock.This is surely one 80’s CD you won’t be embarrassed to tell your friends that you like.

    Posted on March 15, 2010