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Mechanical Resonance

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  • Tesla are just one of those bands that just ARE real rock & roll. Something about them is just meaty, and the band just exudes quality. Much has been written about this universally-acclaimed debut, and you don’t need me to tell you that this is up there with Van Halen’s first one in terms of significance to the rock world.But I’m going to anyway.Jeff Keith is a gritty and impassioned vocalist, while guitarists Tommy and Frank and technically excellent and tasty musicians whose duelling lead lines never fail throughout this work. They are ably backed by the more than tight rhythm section, in all making one of the most exciting musical units of the ’80s and early- to mid-nineties. Remember that “quiet first part of a verse that explodes in the second half of the verse sound” that was all over some of the louder hard rock bands in the ’80s? Here it is, fully showcased for the first time ever on this album, fully showcased on tracks like “EZ Come EZ Go” and “Modern day Cowboy”, which are, incidentally, two of the standout tracks on this album.The sound will appeal to the more aggressive hair metal fans as well as hard rock and heavy metal fans. The riffs are simple chord progressions, delivered with firey power and serious attitude. The guitar solos are kickin’, as you would expect, and in most cases the songs are good enough to showcase the band’s potential, including “2 Late 4 Love”, “Rock Me to the Top”, and the anthemic “Love Me.”It’s rare that a band sounds this good on their debut release, and listeners in 1986 must have been killing themselves with anticipation over what this band could develop into.

    Posted on March 15, 2010