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Mechanical Spin Phenomena

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  • This album is freakin brutal. Not brutal in the grindcore sense, but brutal as in it punishes the listener all the way through. As most reviewers have said, this band fuses the technical ” math metal ” of Meshuggah with clean vocals/Devin Townsend sounding harsh screaming vocals. The result is a kind of industrial style album that shreds. The dual-assalt riffing on this cd is amazing, it will have you headbanging in no time. The off timed guitars create some of the most addicting grooves I’ve ever heard. While there are no blazing guitar solos or any impressive melodies here ( or at least very few ), the guitar players don’t fail to show that they have plenty of talent. The drums are pretty sick too. Theres no short of double bass kicks and the drummer creates some nice polyrhythms as well. The bass can’t be heard too well so its hard to tell if theres anything interesting going on, but it gives the music a good low end. The electronics and keyboards going on in the background make a somewhat industrial feel I mentioned before, although they aren’t prominent enough to make them all out industrial. However they do create a wonderful atmosphere. The singer has decent range, going from mid to high pitched screams to a low end growl to clean vocals, although the latter are just used in a few choruses. The album is pretty long, clocking out at 54:20. There are only 9 songs, but most range from 4 1/2 to over 7 minutes and keep you entertained all the way through. This is a refreshing cd from a young band that will hopefully be around for a while. Since this cd isn’t exactly directed into one subgenre, I would suggest it to all fans of metal.

    Posted on January 4, 2010