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Mediolanum Capta Est

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This CD set documents a show at San Jose State during his 2004 tour. In the tradition of the last three volumes of ”Talk Is Cheap”, the CDs are long and low on edits and cost.

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  • You know ive never seen the big deal with mayhem.Sure I respect what they did for the black metal scene and ive even met them and they are decent guys.But musically its well….boring.I heard this album and thought it was boring,then i seen them live and it just confirmed my theory that they are boring.I have no idea what some of the tracks would have sounded like had the 2 “undead” members performed them but it had to be better then this.It begins with a pretty basic drum pattern courtesy of hellhammer then into deathcrush a few minutes later some more random yelling,some attempts at making witty anti christian comments in between songs and yet some more random yelling.but where was this “evilness” they are all about.It may be on your cd but i dont think its on my copy.

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • MayheM, often considered as the creators of black metal, have recorded this incredibly brutal live album, and let me tell you that before listening to this, you got to be ready for extremely violent music. There are 12 songs, beginning with “Silvester Anfang”, a very drum-oriented intro, and following with “Deathcrush” and “Fall of Seraphs”, two very good songs. Then comes “Carnage”, which is a little less interesting, but then the album goes on good until the ultimate song of the album, my personal favorite MayheM song, which features incredible drumming from their drummer, Hellhammer, who hits his drums so fast you won’t be able to hear every hit…he’s really incredible. The song itself is really based on the drums, and I think it’s the most violent thing I’ve heard, really, you’ll feel as if you had a machine gun next to your ears. MayheM, who’s topic is and was always war, really creates an icon to its thesis with that song. It’s like being in the middle of a war, really, it’s incredible. I love that song. It’s 6 minutes of filthy, pure violence with non-stop machinegun-like drums. The sound is good, though it’s a live album, there are no probems with it. I also liked the appearance of an earlier MayheM song, Chainsaw Gutsf**k, which the singer dedicates to the pope, that is slower than the other songs, but just as good…Overall, this is pure violence incarnated in music, but for those who like it, like me, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The new Mayhem is quite powerful on this live album. I was always into Dead’s voice but after a while I got used to Maniac’s warblings and growling, he sounds like a demon and it fits the music just fine. But the highlight is by far Hellhammer’s drumming, he’s so fast and he uses the bass drums (pedals) to perfection on such songs as Deathcrush and Ancient Skin. Necrobutcher’s bass sound is almost non-existent because it’s drowned out by either Hellhammer’s drumming, Maniac’s loud voice or Blasphemer’s guitar, sometimes all of them at the same time. They deliver the songs with so much anger and with such ferocity that they seem even hungrier now than when they had Dead & Euronymous back in their halcyon days. The new Mayhem is very good on this live album and on Wolf’s Lair Abyss as well. Those two recordings will make you realize what made them the best black metal band and most influential in the first place. By the way I have to say that Hellhammer has got to be the best drummer for any type of metal (thrash, black, heavy, grindcore, speed) music. He’s just amazing. This is one angry and powerful live cd.

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • this album is pretty crazy i have been dying forn a live black metal cd here it is

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This meteor of a live album starts off its heavy but calm rain of terror with the drum attack of “Silvester Anfang.” I used to dislike the song until I heard it performed live (it kind of sucks on the “Deathcrush” album). After this tribal and catchy track is done with, the real chaos begins with the classic song “Deathcrush.” Blasphemer is more on track with tempo on this album than Euronymous was on Live in Leipzig and doesn’t leave any room for (obvious, anyways) mess-ups. As it’s been stated before, the drums can be dominant of the music (Fall of Seraphs is a good example of this) and drown out the other instruments.

    The solo in Chainsaw Gutsf*** can’t be heard at all due to the drums drowning it out. Even though the solo isn’t that great, I happen to like it…and the drums ruin it. Necrobutcher’s bass isn’t much different – still heavily distorted, but much pushier and stand out on this album. You can hear it much better than on Live in Leipzig (probably due to the fact that the production isn’t as bad), filling in the gaps and gluing the drums and guitar together. Another issue is Maniac’s vocals.

    Of course you’ll hear people complaining that his vocals suck and are indecipherable, but who the Hell cares? Maniac is perfect for Mayhem because black metal isn’t supposed to sound pretty. These growls and screams are the kind you’d expect to hear from a hospital patient who is screaming when they’re about to vomit – emetic and sickening. Maniac deals out the guttural and stomach churning vocals with ease – not a bad replacement for Dead. We also get to hear a guest appearance from Attila on track nine, singing along with Maniac using his deep and monstrous vocals.

    Hellhammer is an excellent drummer and this album would be a good choice if you wanted to go about defining his skill on the kit. The drums are dominant in some songs, as I stated earlier, but not overly so that it`s unbearable. The drums are part of what really makes this album a meteor of black metal terror – they crush all in their path with blistering double bass, crackling cymbals, and hammer smashing snare. This album is done with better production than any previous live albums…but I really have no feelings about that; I don’t consider it to improve the sound, nor do I think it takes away from it. The improved production basically just makes it more tolerable for people who hate bad production…but if you like both ends of the spectrum with production I’m sure you won’t really be bothered.

    It’s not as good as Live in Leipzig, but it’s close behind. If you’re a new fan go for Live in Leipzig first, wait a little while, then give this album a try (if you dig live albums, that is). Definitely a worthy purchase.

    Posted on February 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now