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Mediolanum Capta Est

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  • The new Mayhem is quite powerful on this live album. I was always into Dead’s voice but after a while I got used to Maniac’s warblings and growling, he sounds like a demon and it fits the music just fine. But the highlight is by far Hellhammer’s drumming, he’s so fast and he uses the bass drums (pedals) to perfection on such songs as Deathcrush and Ancient Skin. Necrobutcher’s bass sound is almost non-existent because it’s drowned out by either Hellhammer’s drumming, Maniac’s loud voice or Blasphemer’s guitar, sometimes all of them at the same time. They deliver the songs with so much anger and with such ferocity that they seem even hungrier now than when they had Dead & Euronymous back in their halcyon days. The new Mayhem is very good on this live album and on Wolf’s Lair Abyss as well. Those two recordings will make you realize what made them the best black metal band and most influential in the first place. By the way I have to say that Hellhammer has got to be the best drummer for any type of metal (thrash, black, heavy, grindcore, speed) music. He’s just amazing. This is one angry and powerful live cd.

    Posted on February 7, 2010