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Mediolanum Capta Est

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  • MayheM, often considered as the creators of black metal, have recorded this incredibly brutal live album, and let me tell you that before listening to this, you got to be ready for extremely violent music. There are 12 songs, beginning with “Silvester Anfang”, a very drum-oriented intro, and following with “Deathcrush” and “Fall of Seraphs”, two very good songs. Then comes “Carnage”, which is a little less interesting, but then the album goes on good until the ultimate song of the album, my personal favorite MayheM song, which features incredible drumming from their drummer, Hellhammer, who hits his drums so fast you won’t be able to hear every hit…he’s really incredible. The song itself is really based on the drums, and I think it’s the most violent thing I’ve heard, really, you’ll feel as if you had a machine gun next to your ears. MayheM, who’s topic is and was always war, really creates an icon to its thesis with that song. It’s like being in the middle of a war, really, it’s incredible. I love that song. It’s 6 minutes of filthy, pure violence with non-stop machinegun-like drums. The sound is good, though it’s a live album, there are no probems with it. I also liked the appearance of an earlier MayheM song, Chainsaw Gutsf**k, which the singer dedicates to the pope, that is slower than the other songs, but just as good…Overall, this is pure violence incarnated in music, but for those who like it, like me, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your money.

    Posted on February 7, 2010