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Mediolanum Capta Est

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  • You know ive never seen the big deal with mayhem.Sure I respect what they did for the black metal scene and ive even met them and they are decent guys.But musically its well….boring.I heard this album and thought it was boring,then i seen them live and it just confirmed my theory that they are boring.I have no idea what some of the tracks would have sounded like had the 2 “undead” members performed them but it had to be better then this.It begins with a pretty basic drum pattern courtesy of hellhammer then into deathcrush a few minutes later some more random yelling,some attempts at making witty anti christian comments in between songs and yet some more random yelling.but where was this “evilness” they are all about.It may be on your cd but i dont think its on my copy.

    Posted on February 7, 2010