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Megadeth - Rude Awakening

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  • Well, I opened up the case, put the disc in the dvd player, adjusted the stereo system all the way up and pressed play, What did I get? -An incredible concert thats definitely worth your money!, with an excellent sound, stunning picture and with one of the bands that doesn’t let anyone down when it comes to live concerts. These guys played this concert with an incredible quality that will remind you of the TWNH tour. There are no hitches and you can actually listen to all of the instruments. Megadeth starts out with Dread and the Fugitive Mind, where they show all the power and intensity that we saw through the TWNH tour, then they skipped Kill the King to show it in a different aspect, which they called underground, this song is under a second menu, so you’ll be led straight to In my Darkest Hour, which is played with an outstanding quality that goes on through the whole dvd! Well, the songs arent in the order theyre listed in the back of the case, they are broken down in 2 menus. The main list gives you 19 songs to choose from where you’ll see Megadeth the same way you may have seen during the TWNH tour. The second menu contains 5 songs, which are in black and white, showing an “underground” sight of the same concert, which is really cool to see. The songs? -All of the hits are on this dvd, you have never seen such a cool live concert on dvd before! We can take a trip through all of the albums, with the coolest stuff from Killing is my Business to their newest stuff from TWNH. Plus this dvd features interviews with all the musicians, the guys here tell whats been happening through Megadeth’s history. I am so sorry that Dave injured his arm and I hope he will recover soon and be back in the band. If you are a Megadeth fan and you went to see them live during their last tour like me, you must BUY this dvd, THERE IS NO WAY YOU WON’T LIKE IT!

    Posted on February 16, 2010