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Mein Teil

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  • After 3 years, the new Rammstein single is finally here. No one knew which song from their new album, entitled “Reise Reise” (Voyage Voyage), would be chosen as the first single. Earlier this year, the choice seemed to be “Rosenrot” (Rose Red). Not too long after, the group chose “Mein Teil” (My Thing/Share).

    Look at “Mein Teil” as the equivalent to “Feuer Frei!” from the Mutter album. Both are harder and heavier than most tracks. The song “Mein Teil” tells the story of an accident in Germany in which a cannibal posted an ad for someone to eat. Someone actually replied and he was eaten. Literally. The text from the actual ad is included in the song:

    “Suche gut gebauten 18 bis 30-J√§hrigen zum Schlachten
    – Der Metzgermeister”

    Given the text of the song, “Mein Teil”’s tone fits right along. The song opens with the sound of knives being sharpen. Till Lindemann’s voice changes from his normal deep tone to an almost haunting scrawl. The entire song seems haunting in a way, making the song even better. Till’s new voice continues until he finally yells: “Denn! Du Bist… Was! Du Isst…”, similar to “Tier” which was on the Sehnsucht album. The chorus is just as eerie as the chorus due to the distant “Nein…” in the background.

    With this being said, “Mein Teil” is explosive and shows that the next album will be nothing short of genius. Amazing.

    Posted on February 23, 2010