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Mein Teil

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  • Usually people buy the single first, since the actual album hasn’t come out yet. But with “Mein Teil” here is an example of a single that is so good that you should really consider buying the single even AFTER the actual album (Reise, Reise) has already come out. Sure, you could buy the album and hear “Mein Teil”, but OOH BOY! would you be missing out! Here’s why:

    MEIN TEIL: This is the original version (+ 15 or 20 seconds) that you hear on “Reise, Reise”. At the very beginning of this version you’ll hear a German voice say the following as an introduction to the song . . .

    “Suche gut gebauten Achtzehn- bis Dreißigjährigen zum Schlachten
    Der Metzgermeister”

    Translated (loosely) means: “Seeks good-figured 18 to 30 year-old to butcher. –The Butchermaster”

    And then the rest of the song is exactly like the version on “Reise, Reise”. If you love hard, heavy music that has coherent lyrics that you can even follow along with, you’ll love this song!

    WOW!!! This is what makes me have to have this single! It’s my belief that a good remix should make the original song sound “new” while still capturing the spirit of the original. This remix wastes no time whatsoever getting to the point. There is definitely more of a techno feel here and the heavy bass does an outstanding job of counteracting it, making this a very well-balanced remix. Once again, WOW!

    Blah. This one sounds like they tried to make it club-friendly but it is waaaaay too repetitive to enjoy. Just say to yourself “Denn du bist, denn du bist, denn du bist” on and on and on for about 5 minutes and you get an idea of what this remix is like.

    MEIN TEIL (THERE ARE NO GUITARS ON THIS MIX) (REMIXED BY THE PET SHOP BOYS): Almost as good as the first Pet Shop Boys remix, but not quite. The two are very similar, of course this one has no guitars.

    MEIN TEIL VIDEO: Not all the singles will have this video I think. I got my single from the day “Mein Teil” came out and it came with it. The video is shown on a special player with a screen size roughly that of a post-it note. But I think there is also an option to go online and maybe see a larger screen version of it (something I never was able to do, lacking internet). The video itself is okay, but not great and will probably offend some of us (especially if you like angels). It’s no wonder they didn’t show this video much (if at all) on VIVA or MTV in Germany when I was there.

    RECOMMENDED: If you like the hard-hitting sound of “Mein Teil”, you’ll like “Zerstoeren” from Rammsteins latest album “Rosenrot”. Outside of Rammstein you might want to try Oomph! “Wahrheit oder Pflicht”

    Posted on February 23, 2010