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Mein Teil

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  • “Mein Teil” (or “My Part/My Thing”) is a GREAT song that is actally the hardest on Rammstein’s new album (number one in most of europe) “Reise, Reise” (or “Voyage, Voyage” or even “Arise, Arise”). This CD actually has really good mixes on it. A lot of times you pick up a single and after the origanal song the rest is techno garbage- but not here! The origanal Mein Teil is great alone, but the moment you move on the “You Are What You Eat!” remix the fun begins again. Faster than the origanal (and with really good mixed in back up voices speaking gibberish like “You are what you eat!”) this song is a party by itself. The “Return to New York Buffet” mix is really good once you get past the lengthy beginning (all DJ’s believe it is healthy to play at LEAST 2 mins of looped music before the song begins). This one is really more of a rave song, so that’s why only 4 stars. It’s really repetative- but really good despite that. The people who mixed it did a really good job. Last the “There Are No Guitars On This Mix” version is also really good. I like this mix alot because it was handled very well (being without guitars and all) Especially during the chorus parts! =D Try it! If you love hard music you’ve GOT to love it!

    Posted on February 24, 2010