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Mein Teil

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  • I’m usually no big fan about singles, because singles always find the way to because heavily rebarbative… I guess you know what i mean.

    But! Surprise Surprise! I might have become crazy, but that single is totally awesome!!

    The song, itself, is probably the harder song Rammstein ever created, with THE subject: The Cannibal of Rotenburg (to resume for those who doesn’t know much about this story: there was a man, in germany, that wrote a quote on the ent, searching for: a man between 18 and 30, to be sexually abused (SadoMasochism), then being eaten, alive… So i figure you can probably imagine the rest)

    Once again, Rammstein provocates us with poetically-chocking lyrics, and make us reflect about how the line between men and animals can be thin (for those who haven’t seen the Clip about the song, we see the band members fighting each others (at the end), then being chained down as dogs… Pretty evocative…)

    This single is a must, as much as it is for Rammstein fans or for anybody that loves dark poetry or music. I now realise that you CANNOT be disapointed after you buy any of Rammstein’s merchandise :D !

    Posted on February 24, 2010