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Mein Teil

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  • Rammstein are back – with a vengeance! “Mein Teil” is the first single from their long anticipated forthcoming album, tentatively titled “Reise, Reise”. If you can’t tell by hearing “Mein Teil”, the new album will be quite a bit different from what Rammstein have done in the past. They wanted to find a “new” sound, and by god I think they have! “Mein Teil” is an awesome song. I love how Rammstein have mixed choir voices and what sound like percussion drum beats (in the background) with hard pounding rifs. I would expect the choir element to be present througout the new album. Their second single from the album will be called “Amerika” and will feature lyrics sung by Till in English. But more about “Amerika” some other time. If you are a fan of Rammstein, you will most definitely enjoy “Mein Teil”. It is good to see that the boys are back with a strong, poweful number. I can only expect excellent things in the future and from the forthcoming new album.

    Long live Rammstein!

    Posted on February 24, 2010