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  • this album includes a dvd of three songs by mercyful fate from the live at the dynamo in holland 1983

    track list for dvd:
    1.doomed by the living dead funeral
    3.curse of the pharaohs
    *also inludes exclusive commentary by king diamond

    but wait there more it also includes a cd of melissa

    track list:

    2.Curse Of The Pharaohs
    3.Into The Coven
    4.At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
    5.Black Funeral
    6.Satan’s Fall
    * all tracks remastered

    bonus tracks: masses (b-side of the “black funeral” single)
    9.curse of the pharaohs(bbc radio 1 session)
    10.evil(bbc radio 1 session)
    11.satan’s fall (bbc radio 1 session)
    12.curse of the pharaohs (demo) funeral (demo)

    also this album kicks ass I love mercyful fate and king diamond

    I also recommend you buy some celtic frost.

    Posted on January 4, 2010