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Memoirs of a Broken Man

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  • This is just an excellent album which is truly notable for a first offering by a band. I’m not usually a prog metal fan but this album avoids the pitfalls that usually turn me off from the genre. You won’t find any overly long songs, songs that take themselves too seriously, or the insertion of really slow, sappy pieces of music immediately after a heavier tune that normally just leaves me scratching my head. I know some people like the interposition of slow pieces after heavy pieces for the contrast and because it shows off the range of the band but to me that makes an album sound unfocused. That is not to say that this album picks a pace and then just sticks with it from the beginning to end. The tempo changes are there along with a lot of variation between heavier driving beats and flowing melodic sections. In this case these variations all make sense and tend to occur within a given tune as opposed to varying from song to song.

    As far as influences go, surely there is some Dream Theater in there. Other influences include a bit of Savatage, perhaps a little Helloween/Gamma Ray, and some Iron Maiden (obviously). Although the familiar influences are there the music still comes off sounding very fresh.

    Perhaps I am getting old, but I had thought that my days of listening to an album over and over again were behind me until I started listening to this album.

    And lest someone dusts off their advanced analytical skills and figures out that I live in the same town as the band Futures End and then decides that I must be a Fanboi, I met the guitarist Marc Pattison for the first time last weekend while doing some work at his house which is how I ended up with a copy of the album but have no long history with the guitarist or the band.

    Posted on November 11, 2009