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Memory Crash

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  • This is a good CD. At first it seemed a little dated: it reminded me of the early 90’s rock guitar instrumental releases, byt Satriani and others. But Stevens’ originality permeate the music. Some quick thoughts on the songs:

    1 Heavy Horizon – reminds me of Queen’s Brian May. Perhaps some Steve Vai also.
    2 Hellcats Take The Highway – reminds me a bit of Joe Satriani. Fast tempo.
    3 Memory Crash – cool riff. Melodic. Great use of a whammy pedal. Cool Extreme-like part (@ 2:20). Pulls out all the stops. Hammer-on arpeggio ending.
    4 Water on Ares – An acoustic beauty. Cool spacey effect-driven solo on electric. Good bass part. Classic guitar solo.
    5 Day of the Eagle – Cover song. reminds me of Eric Gales Band. King’s X’s Doug Pinnick plays bass and sings. A bit Jimi Hendrix-like. Strange time signature.
    6 Small Arms Fire – Flamenco beginning. Heavy rock riff. Pure Steve Stevens. All stops unplugged! Good bass playing. Lots of changes.
    7 Cherry Vanilla – Long song. reminds me again of Eric Gales. Groovin’ rock. Cool riff. Good bass playing. Cool soloing.
    8 Joshua Light Show – A two-minute ode to Robert Fripp.
    9 Prime Mover – Flamenco beginning. Pink Floydish feel (One of These Days). Some Gilmourish slide soloing, but mostly Stevens. Whammy pedal use. Wah wah. Slide. Spacegun effect. The cat is out of the bag.
    10 Josephine – Acoustic guitar and bass driven. Stevens sings, and does so just fine. Cool bass part. I imagine riding in a car on a sunny day on a desert highway. But then it gets complicated. Then back to acoustic.

    Other stuff I’d recommend: Steve Steven’s “Flamenco-a-go-go,” Bozzio Levin Stevens “Situation Dangerous” and “Black Light Syndrome” (for his more experimental stuff), and Vince Neal’s “Exposed.”

    Posted on February 17, 2010