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Mer de Noms

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  • For all the rock albums I have, from “Mellon Collie” to “The Fragile” to “Aenima”, this one holds it’s own. It’s right up there with all those classics. The first single, “Judith”, sounds a lot like Tool, fitting since Maynard fronts both bands. It’s an amazing song with a chorus you won’t soon forget. Though Maynard will get most of the attention due to his Tool status, Billy Howerdel is the main man behind this project. His guitar skills are breathtaking. From iron-spiked riffs to soft acoustic melodies, he can do no wrong. The best song here, (and now, one of my all-time favorites) “Rose”, is one that will have you hitting repeat for days. It starts out with dark-almost gothic-acoustic guitars, then Maynard’s beautiful wounded voice carries the song into something beyond perfection. It’s no real surprise that APC have a gothic feel at times, in an article with “Rolling Stone” Billy said some of his favorite albums are by Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure (I know some of you are absolutely clueless). The beautiful “Renholder” is a perfect example of that. It can also echo Tool’s alt/metal work with “Judith”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Thinking Of You”, and “Thomas” rocking like Tool themselves. “The Hollow” opens up the disc and you get a feel of how the album is. “Magdalena” is great with it’s sludgy bass line. “Orestes” is amazing and bleeds into the beautiful “3 Libras” with lush strings leading the way. I’m a HUGE Tool fan, but A Perfect Circle (in my opinion) are better. You can’t ask for a better album; from start to finish this is a classic. I’m never letting this CD out of my sight.

    Posted on November 17, 2009