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  • august burns red releases their sophmore effort “messengers” and it does not dissapoint. A couple of things changed since their last release in this album:
    -New Vocalist
    -New Bass Player
    -ABR adds more melody

    Its safe to say that this album is more melodic then “thrill seeker” but it is also way more metal. don’t worry, these guys don’t start singing at any point, its still the same brutal ABR that you know from their previous work. they still throw breakdowns in at random places and they still appear several times in each songs. The drummer is still amazingly good and amazingly fast.

    here is a run down of the album:

    1. Truth of a Liar – 9/10
    Great opener. Great lyrics, the guitar work is melodic and yet brutal at the same time during the pause for the solo after the ending breakdown

    2. Up against the Ropes 10/10
    Sick. This song is like 6 songs all rolled into one. There is a breakdown almost every 30-45 seconds. I’m not joking. Brutal song.

    3. Back Burner – 9/10
    Brutal, dark song. The new vocalist, Jake, growls deeply several times during the song, a different but amazing additon to the bands sound. A very cool sounding breakdown at the end.

    4. The Blinding Light – 9/10
    A good tight song with an awesome ending breakdown. Good guitar work. A song which proves they went more “metal” with this album than the previous one. Nice breakdown at the end.

    5. Composure 10/10
    Great stuff here. Sounds like “thrill seeker”. Drum work is awesome, going from breakdown to fast pounding. Nice Guitar work at the end.

    6. Vital Signs 9/10
    The first time i heard this song, i was like “eh, okay.” Then i took a closer listen and it grew on me alot. Reminds me somewhat of Unearth at some points. Guitar work is frantic along with drum work.

    7. The Eleventh Hour – 10/10
    Amazing song. The song starts of fast which leads to a SICK breakdown halfway through the song. This whole song is brutal, Jakes vocals, the drum work, if your downloading random songs, this is the one to preview first.

    8. The Balance 9/10
    A more Melodic Song. A lot of Guitar work, but still a fast brutal tight song. A good solid melodic song from these guys. 0

    9. Black Sheep 10/10
    An amazing passionite song. Starts of with guitar work then jumps right into a breakdown. One of the most brutal songs on the album, an ending breakdown with lyrics that give me chills. Amazing stuff. My Favorite of the album.

    10. An American Dream 10/10
    Sounds like “thrill seeker.” Brutal song, nice and tight sounding, with breakdowns thrown in at every corner you turn. Very cool sounding guitar work about 1:45, right when Jake yells, “ohh!”. Nice tight song.

    11. Redemption 10/10
    Not as brutal as “thrill seeker”’s finale, but still a great song. They went with the more Melodic route and its a nice touch as the song sounds extremely passionite. A great ending to a great album.

    In the end, is this better then Thrill Seeker? I don’t know yet, i know its much more than a satisfying release from these guys. I also know its not leaving my CD player for like 3 months. It’s slighly more melodic then Thrill Seeker, but as for the claim it sounds like Killswitch Engage?
    No, not in the least. I don’t know what that reviewer was talking about.

    This is honestly one of the most brutal albums i’ve heard in a while. Do yourself a favor. Go to your nearest store and pick it up. It’s that good.

    Do it, like, now.

    Posted on December 12, 2009