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  • I preordered an autographed copy of this album directly from the band and I am hoping that it will be in the mail today when I get home from work. I have however listened to the entire album through an online stream that the band had advertised through their myspace.

    I was really curious as to how the band would follow up their epic debut album Thrill Seeker, which happens to be one of my favorite albums in my music collection. I honestly didn’t think that August Burns Red, or any band for that matter, could put together another album that would live up to a freshman debut such as Thrill Seeker.

    The Good news is that this album definitely lives up to their first album. I am not ready to say that it is better because I have only listened to the album once and since it was an online stream, I could not have fully appreciated the album production. I think that the band has matured a little and has even stepped up the skill and technicality of their music, which I was excited to hear because I was afraid that the band had hit a glass ceiling in that department on their first album, which would have been very unfortunate.

    The addition of new vocalist Jake is a great addition to the band. He is a much better screamer with a much better range. Jake makes up for what I think was the only shortcoming of the first album. Another good thing is that the lyrical composition style, which I really enjoyed on the first album, is nearly the same yet much more dynamic.

    The new album is technical, melodic, and BRUTAL. It sounds like ABR but it doesn’t sound like Thrill Seeker. It is the perfect follow up to an amazing freshman effort. Bands like this make metalcore still worth listening to. This album will probably be the years best metalcore release so if you enjoy the genre, pick it up.

    Posted on December 12, 2009