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  • I really like this album. They are very heavy, melodic, rhythmatic, and good lyrics. I think most people would categorize ABR as metalcore, and I don’t listen to much metalcore because they often sound similar to some extent, but ABR would be on the top of the list of metalcore bands I listen to, just because they are just straight-out metalcore. If I wanted to listen to metalcore, I don’t want to go through different metalcore artists, but I would just listen to this whole album. Every song has a billion different break-downs in some form. Sometimes just plain heavy break-down, sometimes with a catchy melody in it, which is the best in my opinion. Sometimes I get sick of it though, because they seriously have a TON of break-downs, but I like to listen to it in doses. Anyway hope this was helpful

    Posted on December 12, 2009