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Metal Church

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  • Released in 1985, this I believe is one of the best debuts of all time…

    David Wayne (R.I.P) was surely one of the best singers, however one should not underestimate the talent of the whole band, especially the drummer Kirk Arlington who I believe was one of most inspiring and best metal drummers back then. Metal Church possibly surpassed this album only once, which is namely with “The Dark”.

    I’ve just come to realize that I’ve used the word “best” three times already, so what I’d say in short is, “this definitely is one of the legendary albums from the golden days of metal in the 80s.” If you were lucky enough to breath the air in those glory days and had the chance to listen to this masterpiece, that’s good enough. However for those who were unlucky I’d strongly recommend to give Metal Church a try.

    My favourites from the album are, Beyond the Black, Gods of Wrath and of course Metal Church…

    Posted on December 19, 2009