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For the true connoisseurs of intelligent, virtuosic heavy metal, Annihilator stands alone. Lead by the shredding axe of Jeff Waters, the brand new release (appropriately entitled ”Metal”) stands as a testament to Annihilator’s status in the metal world. An impressive all-star cast joins Waters and company on this metallic tour-de-force, including Alexi Laiho from Children Of Bodom, Corey Beaulieu from Trivium, Willie Adler from Lamb Of God, Jesper Stromblad from In Flames, Anders Bjorler from The Haunted, Michael Amott from Arch Enemy, Jeff Loomis from Nevermore and many more! Now this is METAL!

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  • This is one of the few albums that come along and you can just hit play and sit back and jam!! This is by far the best Annihilator album.

    Posted on January 30, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The Good
    The Canadian thrash-metaller Jeff Waters returns with another Annihilator album. This time around his bringing some of the heaviest guitar players in metal today (appearance include members of Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Trivium, Lamb of God, In Flames, and The Haunted). Despite its goofy title, Clown Parade is a pure metal track that is no joke. A break-neck guitar run leads the charge. Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis tears it up with a blazing solo. Fellow Canadian rocker Danko Jones is the guest vocalist on “Couple Suicide.” The classic rock groove is no big challenge for Jones, but it is certainly different territory for Annihilator.

    “Army of One” may just be Water’s anthemic battle cry, as he is one of the few classic metal artists out there doing the same thing he was doing in the beginning. Lyrically it’s a tribute to his metal peers that came up with him. “Operation Annihilator” is dominated by monster riffs and blood-thirsty vocals, not to mention pounding drums. Waters takes aim at the “bands of the week” on this one. Who needs lyrics when you have some of the fastest speed metal guitar you’ll ever hear on “Haunted.” Let’s see the popular acts of today pull this one off. “Chasing the High” continues the speed-of-light guitar work and adds more ferocious vocals and machine gun drums.

    The Bad

    The Verdict
    Waters says it himself on his website; Annihilator has made the album of its career. I couldn’t agree more. This is heavy metal as I remembered and loved growing up in the eighties. Now if we could just turn back the clock 20 years, then Annihilator would have a hit record on their hands.

    Posted on January 30, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve been a fan of Annihilator since ‘89 and it’s rare that Jeff Waters disappoints. While this isn’t the one-two punch of back-to-back opuses Carnival Diablos and Waking The Fury, Metal kicks with a fury that is almost non-existant in today’s metallic world. Waters has assembled a virtual who’s who of heavy metal guest artists for this release, and from that point on, it’s heads-down, pedal-to-the-metal THRASH, bay-bee! You either come along for the ride, or get steamrollered over, it’s that simple, punk!

    I could use a whole bunch of superlatives to describe the songs herein, and wax poetic over the thrill of hearing such rippin’ solos by Jeff’s guests, but I sorta doubt you wanna read all that. Suffice to say, this is one solid album from start to finish. If I HAD to give Metal less than stellar marks, I’d have to point out the glaring Black Sabbath opening riff rip-off of “Detonation” (not to worry, Jeff veers away from that soon enough so that he can’t be unfairly accused of stealing) and the rock, rather than metallic thrash, of “Couple Suicide”; it really does take some getting used to hearing that song. But honestly, that’s about the only blunders on an otherwise nigh-to-perfect disc. And if that’s all there is, then that’s pretty d**n good to me! Go ahead, pick up this album, and be glad you did!

    Posted on January 30, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is an awesome album from front to back. Waters does not disappoint and definitely delivers the goods on this one. If you are a fan of classic guitar driven heavy metal then this album should be at the top of your list. I’ve listened about six times through now. I took it out of my player because there are always other CDs screaming for attention. I had to put it back in this morning. Yes, it’s a good album that begs for more playing. The highlights for me thus far are tracks 1, 3, 7* and 8. I starred track 7 because I often find myself starting it again to get some more when it’s near finished playing. All in all a great album though and highly recommended if you like Annihilator at all, or if you regularly listen to music by classic metal guitar heroes such as Zakk, KK Downing, Glenn Tipton, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray, Mustaine… to name but a few…

    Posted on January 30, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I just got this CD, and I couldn’t put it away once I started listening to it. It’s got the ussual great music done by guitar wizard Jeff Waters, which he covers everything from heavy metal to speed to thrash. A good variety as always and Dave Padden’s vocals were ever so good, but as a bonus, Jeff has brought long-time Annihilator fans from members of bands like Trivium, Children Of Bodom, Lamb Of God, Arch Enemy and others (Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom), Danko Jones (Danko Jones), Michael Amott and Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Corey Beaulieu (Trivium), Willie Adler (Lamb Of God), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Jesper Strømblad (In Flames), Steve ‘Lips` Kudlow (Anvil), Anders Bjørler (The Haunted), Mike Mangini (Vai, Extreme, Annihilator) and Jacob Lynam (Lynam))for back ground singers. METAL is a really good CD that every Annihilator fan should own.

    1. Clown Parade – feat. Jeff Loomis (Nevermore)
    2. Couple Suicide – feat. Danko Jones (Danko Jones) & Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)
    3. Army Of One – feat. Steve ‘Lips` Kudlow (Anvil)
    4. Downright Dominate – feat. Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom)
    5. Smothered – feat. Anders Bjørler (The Haunted)
    6. Operation Annihilation – feat. Michael Amott (Arch Enemy)
    7. Haunted – feat. Jesper Strømblad (In Flames)
    8. Kicked – feat. Corey Beaulieu (Trivium)
    9. Detonation – feat. Jacob Lynam (Lynam)
    10. Chasing The High – feat. William Adler (Lamb Of God)

    Posted on January 30, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now