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  • Why did it take me so long to write a review? I bought this album the day it came out and was so worried about what I would hear. Sophomore efforts from incredible debuts kind of work like movie sequels- they tend to not be as good. Linkin Park revive their sound, and mold it like true art. And at first I didn’t like it at all. But extended listening has this rivaling “Hybrid Theory”. It grows on you.1. FOWARD (-) No score, so song.2. DONT STAY (A) Wakes us up into what we know, and what we like. A very strong track.3. SOMEWHERE I BELONG (B+) Honestly, the reason I was worried about this CD was because of this song. The bridge is awesome, though.4. LYING FROM YOU (B) Back to business with this one. But somehow I’m still feeling alienated…5. HIT THE FLOOR (A) This is very fresh! agressive, resistant- this song fights you! 6. EASIER TO RUN (A) Soaring with vocals, this is Linkin Park’s rock ballad.7. FAINT (A-) Love flowing to this, Linkin Park’s answer to pop anthems.8. FIGURE.09 (A-) At this point in the CD we are hearing a blend of what we’ve heard, and never heard before. This is good.9. BREAKING THE HABIT (B+) What is this?! It’s super funky?! It’s mellow?! It works!10. FROM THE INSIDE (A-) I’m feeling alienated from this disc. I can’t tell this one from the three before it. Yay for screaming bridges!11. NOBODY’S LISTENING (A) Straight rap. Hated it at first. But I still couldn’t get those “eastern” flutes out of my head. Now a fave, and good for break-dancing battles.12. SESSION (C) Yes, Mr Hahn is talented- No, we don’t care.13. NUMB (A+) Redeams the whole album. One of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Makes me cry- almost.

    Posted on November 28, 2009