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Methods of Mayhem

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  • The opening line of “Serve The Servants” on Nirvana’s In Utero read: ‘teenage angst has paid off well / now I’m bored and old’. What that line did is set the foundation of vulnerability and pain which that entire album possessed. Now, although Tommy Lee is no Cobain, he knows how to make a point. Here, “Who The Hell Cares” starts with: ‘this is the operator with a collect call from the LA county jail from Tommy / will you accept the charges?’. So although the two quotes have nothing in common, they work in essentially the same respects. This album is Tommy Lee’s way of releasing his anger and disgust towards the press; it also covers his sexual side, his problems with drugs, and the paparazzi. But aside from the lyrical value of this disc, the music is just plain awesome. It’s great driving music or equally as good for periods of anger and/or when you want something non-stop and in-your-face.The two main highlights here are “Get Naked” and “Anger Management”. On “Get Naked”, it’s just so funny to hear what lingo Tommy Lee uses (if I printed it here, they’d … it out). How they ever made an edited version of it is beyond me. The guest appearances by Lil’ Kim, Fred Durst, George Clinton, and Mix Master Mike also add appeal. The title for “Anger Management” pretty much speaks for itself. The line ‘people ask me for answers as if I was a pope’ is quite fitting. The other single, “New Skin”, is decent, but sounds a lot like NIN’s “Closer” and the appearance by Kid Rock was somewhat ill-timed. “Hypocritical” is a decent song, though it’s hard to make out what they’re saying. It doesn’t quite outdo its predecessor, “Who The Hell Cares”. After the opening, the guitar work hooks you and everything flows perfectly in and out of the chorus. “Crash” is another obvious track. It starts: ‘here’s some music to crash your car to’. If there’s a better driving song out there, I’d like to know. Believe it or not, “Metamorphosis” might actually be the best song on the album. It’s a bit more tame, and every time TiLo jumps in with ‘times are changing…’ one can’t help but (want to) sing along. The only truly bad song on MOM is “Proposition Fxck You”, which is a straight-up rap song. If you don’t like rap, you won’t like it (or vice versa). “Mr. Onsomeothershxts” is a pointless, 38-second track from Wu Tang member U-God. Finally, you have “Narcotic” and “Spun”. Both of them are more of techno-rock and just act as what resulted from Tommy messing around on turntables and whatnot. “Narcotic” has a few good tidbits of Tommy’s life (‘forget about rehab’) thrown in, whereas “Spun” is more of a basic techno tune.Overall, this album has five unbelievably excellent songs (tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 8). “Hypocritical” and “New Skin” are good as well, just not as good. And the remaining four tracks take a few listens for toleration. Although MOM came into the world at rock-meets-rap’s musical peak, their music serves it purpose. It’s fast, hard, unclothed-and-loving-it FU metal for the car, and NOT your parents. And, believe it or not, underneath Tommy Lee and TiLo’s extremely volatile exterior sound, there are decent, respectable lyrics to be had. Like it says on the actual disc: ‘…take this shxt straight to you head – because after all, it’s quiet when your dead’.

    Posted on March 9, 2010