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Methods of Mayhem

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  • This is by far the best thing Tommy Lee has ever done. Motley was terminally bad (Lee was the best thing going for that band)and he should have stayed on the METHODS’ hip-hop tip instead of going with the limp alternative rock on NEVER A DULL MOMENT. “Who the Hell Cares” clearly stands as the best track. Incredible lurching rhythm, crunching guitar. This song shreds and the message is right on (“Who the hell cares/Where the … you come from?”). Even Snoop delivers with a smooth rap. The other songs on this album are surprizingly well made (“Hypocritical,” “New Skin,” “Metamorphosis”). I don’t know if you’d call “Get Naked” a song, but it sure is crazy – and very dirty. “Proposition …You” is more like an old school hip-hop trip and an engaging rant against pigalettos. I even like the techno exercises at the end of the album by Scott Kirkland. If you can’t vibe to this then you must not like kickin’ hip hop metal.

    Posted on March 9, 2010