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Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory

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  • This CD is jaw-dropping! Hearing 5 guys play music like this is astonishing! Compare this talent to any other group and Dream Theater will blow them away. To really appreciate this masterpiece, an understanding of music and knowledge of all its complexity is beneficial. Yet those who do not fit into this category will still love every minute. Not only does the music blow you away..the storyline accompanying it is also well-written..the style of the stanzas…the mystery it leaves the listener to decipher..all truly adds to the hard work and thought put into this album. “Scenes From a Memory” (Metropolis Pt. II) continues the story left off from its predecessor, Metropolis Pt. I, which was on DT’s 1992 release, “Images and Words”. This isn’t some “oh i bet i can play that” album that any garage band could replicate..this takes chops! Each member owns their instrument…dominates it. Mike Portnoy’s “head shaking” drum patterns, John Petrucci’s “eye-widening” guitar solos, John Myung’s blazing bass licks, Jordan Rudess’ complex, yet melodic piano wizardry, and James LaBrie’s breath taking vocals all make this piece of art a must for any music lover, not just the progressive rock audience. Fans of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” will certainly appreciate “Scenes From a Memory”. Albums of this caliber are few and far between.

    Posted on February 14, 2010