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M:i-2 : Music From And Inspired By (2000 Film)

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  • Recently, we’ve seen quality soundtracks for Scream 3, TheCrow: Salvation, Heavy Metal 2000 and many others. The soundtrack forM:I-2 is no exception. The headliners on this album deliver with great results. Limp Bizkit’s “Take A Look Around” is one of the most sophisticated songs they’ve ever done, and it gives Fred Durst an opportunity to shoot back at his critics. The chaotic, frenzied remix of Chris Cornell’s “Mission” (re-titled “Mission 2000″) is an intriguing stand-out. Another intriguing addition to this disc is the Foo Fighters’ cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” with drummer Taylor Hawkins on vocals. They add a bit of adrenaline to it for some splendid results. Buckcherry’s “Alone” and Godsmack’s “Going Down” easily dwarf the material on both bands’ albums. One of the best tracks on this album is Rob Zombie’s thundering “Scum of the Earth.” It’s great to see that he didn’t offer yet another remix of something from Hellbilly Deluxe. Metal gods Metallica offer the excellent “I Disappear.” While the song won’t dispel any notion that they’ve gone alternative, it supports the argument that they do it better than anyone else. Oddly, Tori Amos is on this disc. I don’t like her all that much (I enjoy Sarah McLachlan much more), but her song “Carnival” is a cool mix of sweet vocals and trippy electronica. The lesser known bands don’t fare quite as well. Only Powderfinger’s mellow “My Kinda Scene” and Apartment 26’s rollicking “Backwards” succeed in carving out a unique identity for these two bands. The Pimps’ “Rocket Science” is a blatant, pathetic attempt to cash in on rap-metal’s current popularity. For a Kid Rock song, “What U Lookin’ At” is pretty good, but the name on the CD and the booklet is Uncle Kracker (but the CD and the booklet also say it was produced by Rock). He sounds exactly like Kid Rock, lyrics, style, voice and all. If it’s not Kid Rock, then it’s completely derivative, if it is him, it’s not bad. Diffuser’s “Karma” and Tinfed’s “Immune” are decent songs, but they don’t present anything new or unique. For the most part, the soundtrack for M:I-2 delivers a great collection of hard rock and metal. Buy it. Now.

    Posted on January 13, 2010