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M:i-2 : Music From And Inspired By (2000 Film)

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  • This is the best soundtrack that i’ve heard since The Matrix. Metallica’s “I Disappear” is an awesome song(I’m a big fan of Metallica) and Uncle Kracker with Kid Rock is really cool, but in my opinion, Limp Bizkit’s “Take A Look Around” was the best track on this CD. This CD is a crowd-pleaser, unlike the soundtrack to The Crow: Salvation.The Crow: Salvation had some truly awesome bands, i.e. Kid Rock, Rob Zombie, etc. but all the songs were remakes or remixes or just plain un-origional songwriting. But not Mission:Impossible 2. After this soundtrack, I am ready to see this probably-awesome movie. The film stars Tom Cruise and is directed by John Woo, who directed Face/Off, Broken Arrow, and The Replacement Killers. Enjoy this soundtrack, you won’t be disappointed!

    Posted on January 13, 2010