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  • Authors of two negative reviews for this CD demonstrate their worth in musical judgement in different reviews; one says that his favorite band is Norma Jean, the other gives From Autumn To Ashes’ “Too Bad You’re Beautiful” a five star review.

    “Miasma” is a five star epic. It destroys the cliched metalcore laden with breakdown after breakdown (see: Norma Jean) and the wussy/emo infused hardcore that kids cry to (see: FATA), and does exactly what it is supposed to: brutalizes the listener for ten straight songs. The Black Dahlia Murder have displayed a unique approach to Swedish metal by giving it a noticeably American edge, and “Miasma” is the perfect follow up to “Unhallowed” that will be appreciated by any listener who hoped this band would grow (and really, how can you beat the fast and beautiful Egyptian-style solos throughout?). The disappointed few need to get over it: the CD isn’t another “Unhallowed”.

    If you are looking for hardcore, or if you are looking for something tame – “Miasma” should not be your choice. But if you like to thrash and to feel aurally defiled from the sheer intensity of a metal record…then this is the metal record for you.

    Buy it.

    Posted on December 2, 2009