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Beyond the Black Dahlia

This video is a brief mini-documentary on the further serial murders of Black Dahlia killer, George Hill Hodel M.D. It provides a six-minute summary of his additional crimes spanning the years 1945-1969 and introduces the public to the sequel to my 2003 national bestseller, Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder. In my new book, MOST EVIL: Avenger, Zodiac and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel, we discover that my father was most probably an International serial-killer, and examine and explore compelling evidence, forensics and his unique signature MO (Murder as a Fine Art) which together link him as: Chicago's 1945-1946, "Lipstick Killer"; Los Angeles', "Black Dahlia Avenger", Manila's 1967 "Jigsaw Murderer" and to the 1968, San Francisco Bay killer known as- "ZODIAC." For the first time in this video, viewers will hear the actual speaking voice of Dr. George Hill Hodel. His cultured voice was unique and readily recognizable. In 1947, just ten days after the Black Dahlia murder, George Hodel called and taunted Los Angeles City Editor, James Richardson, promising to send him "a few of the Dahlia's personal belongings." The "Front Page" veteran editor in his memoirs wrote that he was convinced the Dahlia suspect would kill again, and keep on killing, and stated, "I shall never forget the day I spoke and heard the killer's, soft, sly voice." For additional information see my website at:


The Black Dahlia - Unsolved Murder of 1947

Today is June 6, 2013 and I just got off the phone with groovyev who has a channel on YT He was in a coma for 2 weeks, at age 13 and was put in contact with ...

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The Black Dahlia movie trailer

The Black Dahlia movie trailer.

"The Black Dahlia" Crime Scene Pictures 18+ VERY STRONG PICTURES


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