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The Black Dahlia - Unsolved Murder of 1947

Today is June 6, 2013 and I just got off the phone with groovyev who has a channel on YT He was in a coma for 2 weeks, at age 13 and was put in contact with the ancient spirit, Tralaka He said the killer had a badge, not gold, but silver and not an´╗┐ important badge, like sheriff or marshall He wanted the Black Dahlia out of his beat and she would not leave, so he killed her! A dahlia is a flower and to me, it resembles a chrysanthemum, but the chrysanthemum is far prettier than the dahlia The Black Dahlia One of the most gruesome murders of all time, (worse than the O.J. Simpson murder of his wife and Ron Goldman) this 1947 unsolved homicide of a young lady who enjoyed dancing and being the object of attention for men, but could not perform, because of a congenital birth defect has led investigators on a hapless journey to solve this crime for more than six decades now Elizabeth Short was cut in half and one breast was sliced off, in what appears to be a torture, prior to murder Her wrists and ankles showed signs of being tied up and it is unknown what she went through prior to being killed and dumped onto a vacant lot just 7 miles from the ocean at Marina Del Rey, California The only thing sicker than the act of killing her was what one report for a newspaper did to her mother, after her death You won't believe it It's so awful that I can't say it here I will give you a clue It was worse than the NYPD did to those who exercised their Constitutional rights and protested the theft of trillions of dollars by a bunch of 'useless eaters', from Wall Street, who should be shortened, as well Here, an innocent girl's life was cut short and her killer was never caught There were many suspects and still no arrest, since 1947 If you have any information which might lead investigators to the real killer, please contact O.J. Simpson at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada where he will be until 2017 at least Help us find the real killer so O.J. Simpson will shut up, finally, about finding the 'real killer'! Get a mirror, O.J.! I'll show you the 'real killer'! I hear you're getting married! Who's the lucky guy? Enjoy yourself!


Black Daliah "Mysteries & Scandals"

The Black Dahlia movie trailer

The Black Dahlia movie trailer.

"The Black Dahlia" Crime Scene Pictures 18+ VERY STRONG PICTURES


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Who Is The Black Dahlia (1975) Staring Brooke Adams & Lucie Arnaz Dramatization of an actual homicide investigation. In 1947 Los Angeles, a police detective ...

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She became a Hollywood star made famous by her gruesome murder - and her ghost. Part 1. Be sure to see Part 2.

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