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Sixth full length release from L.A. metal band.Produced by Bill Metoyer (Slayer) and the band. Voted ’Favorite Band of the Decade’ by HM Magazine. 2000 release. Standard jewel case.

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  • Now, I’m tired of seeing this band get bashed left and right due to their religious beliefs!! So what if they’re Christians, their music can kick the snot out of most bands out there today!! Yes, the lyrics express certain spiritual beliefs, but the unique thing about Tourniquet is that their lyrics possess a duality, in which the subject matter relates to everyday life as well as their spiritual views, so no offense should be taken by anyone! Musically, the album is a return, of sorts, to the heavy abrasiveness of 1992’s Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance, with a 90s sophistication, of course. Granted, due to multiple lineup changes, their sound was destined to change, so yea, we will miss the silken vocals of Guy Ritter, but the acidic nature of Luke Easter’s voice suits the band’s current direction just as well. Tourniquet is definitely looking to the future with technological themes throughout the album art, certain vocal melodies and song-writing style. Yes, Ted Kirkpatrick, the sole original member is still pumping out melodic Heavy Metal that would make Phil Anselmo cry with bitter envy. The chops are vibrant, the breakdowns are humbling, and there are more Prog-like time changes than you can shake a DREAM THEATER at. The true triumph of this disc is that it is aurally stimulating (those Classical signatures get me every time!), emotionally nerve-wracking (one minute you’re banging your fist, and the next you’re reaching for the box of tissues), and mentally challenging, for you are not merely getting your booty kicked by mad riffage, you’re brain is working in overdrive (provided you read the lyrics). Overall, it is a great album to re-introduce Tourniquet to the Metal public, and I thank Metal Blade for finally having the balls to give them another chance!!

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • That might offend some Metallica fans, but I think its true. This latest Tourniquet album contains music much more complex AND well played than almost anything you’ll hear today. If you’re a fan of Metallica, Tool, Megadeth (Rust In Peace era) or anything else that qualifies as precision metal, then you need to check out this album. It contains a lot of influences from classical music – many of the guitar riffs sound as though they were written by Beethoven or Bach. The drumming on this album will leave you speechless. I think Ted Kirkpatrick can hold his own against any drummer today. Definitely check this out !

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Any fan of TOURNIQUET will be very pleased to know that the newest release is nothing short of a miracle. Ted Kirkpatrick (drummer, main music writer) has returned to the Thrash/Speed Metal music that we have all come to know and love and I for one couldn’t be more pleased if I had discovered sliced bread. Even with just a three-peice consisting of Ted Kirkpatrick, Aaron Guerra (guitar, vocals), and Luke Easter (vocals); these musicians have taken off where TOUNIQUET left off when they released “PATHOGENICE OCCULAR DISSONANCE”. All you “prog” fans will be happy to know that YES the new album is very progressive. Cellos and flutes often make their appearance during the 200 bpm thashing of heavy guitar riffs and amazing drum work, as does the occasional whistleling. Ted Kirkpatrick has come back full swing with Slayer-esque riffs and Mr. Bungle quick non-consenting music idea changes. A huge plus for this music fan. Also, I think Mr Kirkpatrick has been studying Mike Portnoy’s videos because he is definatley not shy to show his chops. Per every album there is his solo song and I am blown away by his chops. I must admit I was little distraught when I listened to previous releases like Vanishing Lessons, Carry The Wounded (not an official full-length album), and Crawl To China. But MVOATR has regained my appeal and admiration for the writing and perfomance ability that I have come to expect. And while I’m still not used to Luke Easter’s vocals I must admit that with this new album I might be able to get into his performance a little better. On a more positive note I must add that the shortest peice on the 11 song album is 4:11, and the rest clock in at an impressive 6-7 mins long. One of the songs “Skeezix Dilemma Part II” is a pleasant surprise for this listener. Another surprise is the guest-vocals of MORTIFICATION’s Steve Row. This is a definate MUST HAVE for all fans of good hard music. TOURNIQUET fans especially. Visit their official website

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Awhile back,I thought there were MAYBE two different bands that had the same name,Tourniquet.After digging this CD up and going online,I can easily see now that there is just this one.Didn’t realize the L.A. Christian metal ensemble had so may releases out.The eleven cuts here seem to have plenty of well played guitar riffs.Haven’t heard that many ‘metal’ bands like this one.Tracks that make this disc worth repeated plays are “Drinking From The Poisoned Well”,”Servant Of The Bones”,”Martyr’s Pose” and “Immunity Vector”.Basically,just good thinking man’s metal.You know,a band with something to say.Line-up:Luke Easter-vocals,Aaron Guerra-guitar,bass&vocals,Cameron Stone-cello,Jennifer Hall-flute and Ted Kirkpatrick-drums.Might possibly appeal to fans of Fates Warning,Nuclear Assault,Leatherwolf and Crimson Glory.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Remember the old maxim that the Devil has all the best songs? Tourniquet might just prove that wrong. It is probably possible to listen to this album for the Christian lyrics, as a kind of “Slayer for decent people” and, considering the “helpful” Bible quotes supplied, it might be meant to. Whatever. However, it it also possible to enjoy this slab for its musical merits alone, and that’s what I do. Ted Kirkpatrick knows how to craft intricate, yet interesting tunes and most of the songs are far too good to be judged on lyrical content alone (the exception being “Servant of the bones”, which has some very clever lyrics, but is musically rather boring…). Choice highlights are “Tomb of Gilgamesh”, which is a 7-minute speed-fest with lots of cello (and yes, it works!), and “Erratic palpitations of the human spirit”, where vocalist Luke Easter (which I guess is an assumed name…) goes from some acapella Dave Mustaine-style snarling through a high-speed Jello Biafra rant to sounding not unlike the 1975-vintage Ozzy Osbourne. Great stuff. Easter sounds great throughout the album; he can both sing and bark. Thus, he goes well with the numerous twists and turns of the music. Not all songs are equally good, however, thus it receives only four stars.For some reason (I blame Stryper for this), I’ve always had a deep aversion to “White” metal, but Tourniquet could possibly change that. A must-have for all Annihilator and Megadeth fans, and worth checking out for anyone who likes quality metal.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now