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  • Remember the old maxim that the Devil has all the best songs? Tourniquet might just prove that wrong. It is probably possible to listen to this album for the Christian lyrics, as a kind of “Slayer for decent people” and, considering the “helpful” Bible quotes supplied, it might be meant to. Whatever. However, it it also possible to enjoy this slab for its musical merits alone, and that’s what I do. Ted Kirkpatrick knows how to craft intricate, yet interesting tunes and most of the songs are far too good to be judged on lyrical content alone (the exception being “Servant of the bones”, which has some very clever lyrics, but is musically rather boring…). Choice highlights are “Tomb of Gilgamesh”, which is a 7-minute speed-fest with lots of cello (and yes, it works!), and “Erratic palpitations of the human spirit”, where vocalist Luke Easter (which I guess is an assumed name…) goes from some acapella Dave Mustaine-style snarling through a high-speed Jello Biafra rant to sounding not unlike the 1975-vintage Ozzy Osbourne. Great stuff. Easter sounds great throughout the album; he can both sing and bark. Thus, he goes well with the numerous twists and turns of the music. Not all songs are equally good, however, thus it receives only four stars.For some reason (I blame Stryper for this), I’ve always had a deep aversion to “White” metal, but Tourniquet could possibly change that. A must-have for all Annihilator and Megadeth fans, and worth checking out for anyone who likes quality metal.

    Posted on March 15, 2010