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  • Any fan of TOURNIQUET will be very pleased to know that the newest release is nothing short of a miracle. Ted Kirkpatrick (drummer, main music writer) has returned to the Thrash/Speed Metal music that we have all come to know and love and I for one couldn’t be more pleased if I had discovered sliced bread. Even with just a three-peice consisting of Ted Kirkpatrick, Aaron Guerra (guitar, vocals), and Luke Easter (vocals); these musicians have taken off where TOUNIQUET left off when they released “PATHOGENICE OCCULAR DISSONANCE”. All you “prog” fans will be happy to know that YES the new album is very progressive. Cellos and flutes often make their appearance during the 200 bpm thashing of heavy guitar riffs and amazing drum work, as does the occasional whistleling. Ted Kirkpatrick has come back full swing with Slayer-esque riffs and Mr. Bungle quick non-consenting music idea changes. A huge plus for this music fan. Also, I think Mr Kirkpatrick has been studying Mike Portnoy’s videos because he is definatley not shy to show his chops. Per every album there is his solo song and I am blown away by his chops. I must admit I was little distraught when I listened to previous releases like Vanishing Lessons, Carry The Wounded (not an official full-length album), and Crawl To China. But MVOATR has regained my appeal and admiration for the writing and perfomance ability that I have come to expect. And while I’m still not used to Luke Easter’s vocals I must admit that with this new album I might be able to get into his performance a little better. On a more positive note I must add that the shortest peice on the 11 song album is 4:11, and the rest clock in at an impressive 6-7 mins long. One of the songs “Skeezix Dilemma Part II” is a pleasant surprise for this listener. Another surprise is the guest-vocals of MORTIFICATION’s Steve Row. This is a definate MUST HAVE for all fans of good hard music. TOURNIQUET fans especially. Visit their official website

    Posted on March 15, 2010