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Microscopic View Of Telescopic Realm

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  • Now, I’m tired of seeing this band get bashed left and right due to their religious beliefs!! So what if they’re Christians, their music can kick the snot out of most bands out there today!! Yes, the lyrics express certain spiritual beliefs, but the unique thing about Tourniquet is that their lyrics possess a duality, in which the subject matter relates to everyday life as well as their spiritual views, so no offense should be taken by anyone! Musically, the album is a return, of sorts, to the heavy abrasiveness of 1992’s Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance, with a 90s sophistication, of course. Granted, due to multiple lineup changes, their sound was destined to change, so yea, we will miss the silken vocals of Guy Ritter, but the acidic nature of Luke Easter’s voice suits the band’s current direction just as well. Tourniquet is definitely looking to the future with technological themes throughout the album art, certain vocal melodies and song-writing style. Yes, Ted Kirkpatrick, the sole original member is still pumping out melodic Heavy Metal that would make Phil Anselmo cry with bitter envy. The chops are vibrant, the breakdowns are humbling, and there are more Prog-like time changes than you can shake a DREAM THEATER at. The true triumph of this disc is that it is aurally stimulating (those Classical signatures get me every time!), emotionally nerve-wracking (one minute you’re banging your fist, and the next you’re reaching for the box of tissues), and mentally challenging, for you are not merely getting your booty kicked by mad riffage, you’re brain is working in overdrive (provided you read the lyrics). Overall, it is a great album to re-introduce Tourniquet to the Metal public, and I thank Metal Blade for finally having the balls to give them another chance!!

    Posted on March 15, 2010