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Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007.It would be easy to bridle at Midian’s relentless bombast and obsession with all things Goth. Many would detest a purposefully pretentious mix of Carl Orff and Obituary that occasionally collapses into early ’80s-style prog-metal. And then there’s J.K. Potter’s laughable artwork, wherein band members look like characters in Clive Barker’s miserable Night Breed, the source of the album’s name. But there’s also a lot here to appreciate. Frontman Dani Filth is becoming ever more convincing in his attempts to offend; some turns of phrase in his blood-spattered romances even manage to recall Keats and Byron. Musically, they seldom fail to entertain and sometimes reach the operatic heights of Laibach and Lacrimosa. More reading and refinement by this lot may produce the first Goth masterpiece since the Sisters of Mercy’s First and Last and Always. –Dominic Wills

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  • “Midian,” Cradle’s fifth studio release, is considered by many fans to be their best. And even though I can’t really discern between Cradle of Filth albums, this C.D. is also a good one to get if you’re new to this British dark metal group.

    “Midian” combines brains with brawn. “Midian” is mentioned in the Bible via the Midianites, an Arab tribe which assigns as their ancestor an eponym called Madian, the son of Abraham by Qetourah– Thus, this album is one with a concept/story behind it; it is a concept album. But “Midian,” like most Cradle albums, is also quite brutal. Adrian’s drumming is very fast and deft, and Dani constantly shrieks like a little girl who touched a hot stove; but it’s Paul’s scorching, spiteful guitar riffing that dominates the salvo.

    “At the Gates of Midian” is just a little intro. It uses a choir and what sounds like a violin to create a very ominous sound.
    “Cthulhu Dawn” has a fast drum beat and some keyboards, but they don’t stand a chance against the rip-roaring riffs. This song, like the album, feels very dark and cold.
    “Saffron’s Curse” is six and a half minutes long. It begins with-what sounds like-some twinkling keyboards. That part abruptly ends when the fast, explosive, churning guitars make an entrance. I enjoy how this song, creatively, uses a soft-loud, up-down song structure. During one part where it’s quiet, a piano and some female, spoken word vocals enter the mix.
    “Death Magick for Adepts” has more big, pounding riffs, but this song occasionally turns to just Dani sneering over a drum beat. A deep, low voice takes Dani’s place near the end, and it ends with the sound of thunder.
    “Lord Abortion” is about seven minutes long. It begins with a slow lead in, but then a big, deep yell, stomping drums, and more heavy churning riffs make an entrance.
    “Amor E Morte” is dominated by Adrian, the drummer. He creates a fast running/driving beat and doesn’t let up. A pair of guitar solos are thrown in, but Adrian’s work really shines, here.
    “Creatures that Kissed in Cold Mirrors” uses a xylophone (or something) to make another creepy, ominous interlude.
    “Her Ghost in the Fog” is highlighted by more propulsive guitar work, including a face-melting pick slide.
    “Satanic Mantra” is another interlude, with spoken word chants of: “Arch angel, dark angel, lend me thy light…”
    “Tearing the Veil from Grace” is another explosive, speaker shaking headbanger, which may be the heaviest track on “Midian.” It has more roaring, brooding, and running, cascading riffs.
    “Tortured Soul Asylum” begins with a few spoken words, so I thought it was going to be just a short outro; but it changes gears and becomes another densely noisy and heavy, opaque rocker.

    I can’t imagine why one would think that “Midian” isn’t a good place to start if you’re new to this band, but even if it isn’t, Cradle definitely use all of their best, famous qualities: dark, rip roaring, riffs, explosive beats, shrieking vocals, etc., etc.

    It’s hard not to give this album five stars. Since it is very good, I’ll give it a 4.5 star rating, but, like almost all black metal, “Midian” does get somewhat monotonous. That shouldn’t stop you, however, from getting this album if you’re a dark/black metal fan, or a fan of this band. Even casual Cradle fans should probably own this album. Plus, if you want a well rounded heavy metal collection, you’ll need to have some dark metal in it, too, and if you’re new to that genre, let me recommend this album, because I don’t think anyone does what they do better than Cradle of Filth.

    Posted on February 14, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This goes out to all the one-star reveiwers: Please, please, please get that rod out of your a**. So what if this CD isn’t “true” black metal? What is the definition of true black metal, anyway? What is the definition of good music? Everyone has a slightly different taste, and in my opinion these guys are VERY talented. What you may think is good music is dribble to the next person. This album may not be true black metal according to you music snobs out there, but who really cares? It’s just plain GOOD, even great. Just once try listening to the album without being close-minded and stubborn, stuck on your definition of what real music is or isn’t.

    As for the actual review, five stars all the way, almost perfect. Haunting, evil, scary, all that good stuff. After a year it still gives me an Out of Body Experience. Atmosphereic, dark, beautiful(though some songs get quite nasty, but that’s not a bad thing) basically all the stuff you’ve already heard from the other five-star reviewers. The only way you shouldn’t get this album is if you’re someone that doesn’t like this kind of music(which questions why you’re here anyway), religious, or if you’re someone like those one-star reviewers that suffer from the buttrod disease.

    Posted on February 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • It seems that when a band says that they will show a big evolution and experimentation in the new album means that they are going soft (there are million of examples of this rule) none the less I went to buy the new Cradle of Filth Album which I heard had the two fatal words Evolution and Experimentation. Well after hearing the album several times I have to say that YES THE BAND SHOWS A BIG EVOLUTION AND IMPROVEMENT AND YES THERE IS A LOT OF EXPERIMENTATION IN THE SOUND (Mustly off beats and female choruses). BUUUUTTTTT…. the band didn’t go soft at all more like they polished their great style (which I already loved before) and made for sure one of the best albums to come. This album is amazingly good. I cant stop listening to it and everytime I Love it more, Dani’s Voice has reach perfection as well the guitars and drums have improved so much without forgetting the beautiful harmonies of the keyboards. In resume this album is a Must CRadle of Filth just made a classic. Midian doesn’t have a bad song, is absolutly perfect. This proves to all the other bands that Evolution and experimentation are not sinonimus of radio friendly. MIdian deserves in every way the biggest rating.

    Posted on February 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I just got the cd on the day it was released full of anticipation. I have loved COF for a few years now, and I enjoy every one of their efforts even though each one is different from the next. Cradle once again shows on “Midian” that they are not afraid to take their unique blend of dark metal in new directions. Im sure a few fans will not appreciate some of the efforts on this record but I for one think that it is a superb record. The only flaw is the track Satanic Mantra , im really not sure why this was put on this otherwise perfect record, luckily its only about a minute long. Stand outs on the cd are- “Saffron’s Curse, Tearing the veil from grace, and Her ghost in the fog.

    Posted on February 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Debate on the validity of Cradle of Filth has been raging in the black metal community for the best part of five years. Self-appointed “true” black metallers do not consider CoF to be true black metal. No, CoF are not as raw as Dark Throne, early Burzum, or Mayhem. No, they don’t play as fast as Marduk. No, their atmosphere and songwriting ability is not equal to that of Emperor. And the cardinal sin for the subterranean black metal judges, CoF have sold too many albums! Look a little further into CoF, and you will see why they have sold so well. The band does not fall into the black metal trap of having to have paper thin production, indecipherable strangled cat vocals, and one dimensional songwriting. Midian is an excellent example of what a band can do when they do not follow the true black metal path, and people have voted with their wallets. Without getting into any sub-genre labelling arguments, this is first and foremost a metal album. Yes, metal, that long forgotten music form, played with loud guitars, guitar solos, over the top vocals, and the lyrics cover irreverent subjects like vampires, sex, and, er… sex with vampires… If you’re a “true” black metal fan, you will hate this. If you’re a fan of metal in general, check it out.

    Posted on February 13, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now