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  • Debate on the validity of Cradle of Filth has been raging in the black metal community for the best part of five years. Self-appointed “true” black metallers do not consider CoF to be true black metal. No, CoF are not as raw as Dark Throne, early Burzum, or Mayhem. No, they don’t play as fast as Marduk. No, their atmosphere and songwriting ability is not equal to that of Emperor. And the cardinal sin for the subterranean black metal judges, CoF have sold too many albums! Look a little further into CoF, and you will see why they have sold so well. The band does not fall into the black metal trap of having to have paper thin production, indecipherable strangled cat vocals, and one dimensional songwriting. Midian is an excellent example of what a band can do when they do not follow the true black metal path, and people have voted with their wallets. Without getting into any sub-genre labelling arguments, this is first and foremost a metal album. Yes, metal, that long forgotten music form, played with loud guitars, guitar solos, over the top vocals, and the lyrics cover irreverent subjects like vampires, sex, and, er… sex with vampires… If you’re a “true” black metal fan, you will hate this. If you’re a fan of metal in general, check it out.

    Posted on February 13, 2010